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Tap into our daily money management and financial coaching services to achieve your financial goals.

What We Do

Unlock True Potential


Take control of your financial life with one-of-a-kind financial coaching so that you can make better money decisions.

Manage Money Effortlessly


Manage your money effortlessly by getting professional and reliable help in taking care of those daily money management chores.

Peace of Mind


Guidance and money management for everyone, with a straightforward hourly charge. No commissions, No percent of your assets.

Got Money Questions? Schedule a discovery session with a financial coach.

Top Services

General Financial Guidance

No more guesswork! We can help you understand insurance, preparing for a child’s college, different investment accounts, choosing a financial advisor, etc..

Mail and File Management

A daily money manager will ensure nothing is lost in a pile, that things are addressed on time. No more troubles with finding your paperwork, we got it organized.


A daily money manager will ensure your bills are paid on time, every time. No more dealing with the stress and hassles of managing, tracking and paying your bills.


Our experts will help you understand what your goals are for retirement, when to retire, how much you will need, types of retirement accounts and how to get there.

Debt and Budget

Stress of debt can increase cortisol levels which can decrease your long term health. We walk people over strategies to handling debt and explore ways to manage the budget.

Mobile Notary Public

Pagosa Springs mobile notary service. We will come to you and take care of all your public notary needs. No more running around and coordinating work schedules.

We Are Proud to Say, BlackBird Will Elevate Your Financial Situation!

Some Interesting Facts

The National Financial Educators Council conducts financial literacy surveys and studies. Take a look at some of the disturbing results about Americans and their money.


Percent of Americans that don't have a budget or ballpark how much they spend on things.


Percent of adults that agree they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.


Percent of Americans that feel very confident they are saving enough for retirement.


Percent of Americans that carry credit card debt month to month.

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